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Carlsson & Möller –
over 60 years in the plastics industry

Read aobut our history and how we became Sweden’s largest supplier of construction plastic.

Plastic – a fantastic material

Our forerunner

By 1945, plastic had become a very important material in industrial applications and in everyday life. In Sweden, Perstorp was the leading producer of plastics at the end of World War Two. In 1948 two employees at Perstorp decided to cerate something new. They formed AB Carlsson & Möller in the town of Bjärum, southern Sweden.

Move to Helsingborg

With business growing steadily, C&M moved to Helsingborg in 1976. The company was now a wholesaler for both thermoset plastic and thermoplastic and had opened a small workshop.

Expansion with new agent assignments

1983 was a milestone for the company with C&M becoming g the agent in Sweden for Polypenco. C&M gained access to new materials with strong brands such as Nylatron, Fluorosint, Torlon and new technologies for casting and sintering.

Joining Indutrade

With demand rising, C&M joined the Indutrade Group. This enabled the company to provide even better system and construction solutions along with higher technical competence and improved know how in logistics and purchasing. C&M became a technology consultant, which placed stricter demands on service, installation and processing.

New building

In 1986 the company moved in to newly built premises in Helsingborg. Investments have been regularly made in new machinery to strengthen the company’s position as the leading supplier of components made from polymer materials.

System for improved service, and a new face

At the start of the 2000s the company’s delivery capacity and quality systems were improved and a new IT and business system was introduced. This further boosted our ability to make reliable deliveries and offer the best service.

C&M celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2008. We are proud to be one of Sweden’s oldest and leading companies within construction plastic, and we remain proud of our products, services and skills.

Our collected strengths make us a great partner.

Key years and investments

AB Carlsson & Möller is founded
Business sold to Svenssons.
The company was now a wholesaler for both thermoset plastic and thermoplastic and had opened a small workshop.
Move into current premises
Investment in additional milling machine
Investment in controlled measuring machine
Investment in 4-axle lathe and strip milling machine
Investment in robotised picking and storage handling.
LEAN production 2-year follow-up.
Extensive expansion of warehouse, office, etc.
New Spinner milling machine installed for improved machining capacity.
Mazak lathe and a Spinner milling machine installed.
Key years and investments, Carlsson & Möller
Move from Bjärum to Helsingborg
C&M become agent for Polypenco (now Quadrant)
Investment in two new milling machines
New business system implemented
Investment in forth milling machine
Investments in lathe, milling machine and kiln.
LEAN manufacturing started.
Investment in planer
New CMS router installed.
Another CMS router installed.