C&M Lean production

Carlsson & Möller’s Lean Production began on 9 September 2009 (090909) and operates continually with regular monitoring and reviews.

Carlsson & Möller’s Lean Production means that the planning of our business activities is based on customer requirements. The main principle is that any part of the production process that does not create value for the customer shall be removed. The Lean project means that we continually increase our ability to help our customer while furthering extending our flexibility. Lead times are reduced and daily operations become faster and simpler, something that benefits all parties.

In this project we use the initials of our company, CM, to form three key phrases: Cost Minded, Cross Minded and Customer Motivated. These key phrases are directly linked to the benefits that Carlsson & Möller offers.

The Lean concept reinforces our principal business concept – Carlsson & Möller as a comprehensive partner.

C & M is Customer Motivated

We have a strong focus on customers and care about long-term business relations built upon commitment and know how.

C & M is Cross Minded

We think in innovative ways, we cross boundaries, and are open to new ideas that we are happy to share with our customers.

C & M is Cost Minded

We are aware of costs and we know how to deliver the best economic solution for the customer.