Engineering plastic with excellent characteristics

The excellent characteristics of engineering plastic make it especially suitable for use in applications within energy generation based on solar, wind, hydro, biogas, and in waste management/recycling and purification plants.

Together with our suppliers, we have been a solution supplier for the energy production industry for many years. Our experience is based on application success in traditional energy sectors such as oil and gas, but more and more in new alternative energy fields such as wind and solar.

Our wide range of materials offers key solutions for your specific industry, already proven or tailored. Our materials are extensively tested and can work under harsh chemical as well as extreme thermal conditions. Our high-performance materials offer the benefits of all plastics, which helps reduce weight and enables the replacement of other materials such as steel, aluminum, or ceramics due to their high specific strength.


The benefits of engineering plastic in
Energy and Environmental Engineering

  • High form stability, mechanical strength and wear resistance
  • Low friction – lubricant free
  • Resistant to both high and low temperatures
    (–200°C to +260°C)
  • Corrosion-free
  • Withstands UV exposure, steam, strong chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Smooth, pore-free surface – easy to clean
  • High form stability, mechanical strength and wear resistance

Plastics for renewable energy from solar and wind power

Solar and wind farms are being established with great speed, on the ground and at sea, and are contributing to meeting the increased demand for electricity. Our supplier works with major equipment manufacturers to improve overall efficiency and reliability, and to significantly reduce maintenance needs.

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Energy and Environmental Engineering