Carlsson & Möller’s MedTech business area focuses on applications within Life Science such as biotechnology, diagnostics, production equipment for pharmaceuticals and help devices.

Engineering plastics are easy to process in a cost-effective way. There are plastic material that meet high hygienic requirements by being able to withstand sterilization with UV radiation, steam, chemicals, etc.

Materials used in medical technology often need to be classified and approved according to existing regulatory requirements. Some plastic materials meet requirements for medical use, so-called biocompatible plastics, for use up to 24h body contact.

Carlsson & Möller has the knowledge of regulatory requirements and provides a selection of biocompatibility materials according to ISO 10993, USP, VI, AOF, FDA etc.

A specific assortment of plastic materials meet the requirements to be used in vivo, i.e. as implants.

All above requires knowledge of regulatory requirements, possible selection of suitable materials and restrictions around these.

Carlsson & Möller has long and extensive experience with engineering plastics in medical technology applications. We offer qualified technical support and advice – from concept development and material selection to processing and refinement of finished products.

Our LSG (Life Science Grade) materials and refined products can be delivered with full traceability according to SS EN 10204 if necessary.

Our production includes advanced processing machines in which we process material to finished parts with high quality and surface finish requirements.
With flexibility, we can economically manufacture single prototypes and short series as well as larger series.

By only processing plastic materials with non-animal cutting fluids, in our workshop we ensure a clean production without contamination risks.

Carlsson & Möller can also be responsible for the assembly of various details and components as well as deliver completely finished products ready for final assembly.

With our new clean room ISO class 8 (class 7), we offer washing, assembly and packing in a controlled, clean environment.

C&M MedTechs commitments may include:

  • Clean room assembling
  • Requirements analysis
  • Material selection
  • Application development
  • Project assistance
  • Prototyping
  • Serial production
  • Assembling
  • Washing
  • Packing
  • Storage


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