Subcontractor / OEM

Total partner creating added values in the supply chain

Our business concept is focused on three areas: Wholesale / Semi-Finished, Material / Application Know-How and Processing / Components. With these unique strengths from each area we master everything from materials and prototype development to finished products. Active cooperation between us as a supplier, our OEM customers and end customers, we create cost-effective solutions in an unbroken chain that provides added value for all parties.


Our machinery is fully adapted for processing of polymer materials. And because we only process plastics this means that we have a pure production without any risks of contamination from other material safe-guarding end product quality.

We have the capacity to process materials up to 4.0 metres by 1.0 metres and our equipment includes 5-axle multi-operation machines for advanced simultaneous processing.

Flexibility in our production means that we can produce very economically both short and long series as well as individual prototypes. When we make prototypes we can machine directly using the selected material to make virtually every shape imaginable.

To ensure accuracy and quality we measure, verify and document all the critical parts and components. This gives you an end-product with high precision that has been inspected and quality-controlled so that it can be fitted directly into your end-product. We deliver to order, agreed sub-order or any other requirement.

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Subcontractor / OEM