Total partner creating added values in the supply chain

Our business concept is focused on three areas: Wholesale / Semi-Finished, Material / Application Know-How and Processing / Components. With these unique strengths from each area we master everything from materials and prototype development to finished products. Active cooperation between us as a supplier, our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers and end customers, we create cost-effective solutions in an unbroken chain that provides added value for all parties.


We have the capacity to process materials up to 3.0 meters in width and 4.0 meters in length, and the machinery includes, among other things, 5-axis multi-operation machines for advanced simultaneous processing. The flexibility of our production allows us to manufacture components and products in both short and long series. When manufacturing prototypes, we process directly in the final material to virtually any curvatures and shapes. We work based on both traditional and digital drawings.

To ensure repeatability and quality, we measure, verify and document all critical measurements of details and components. You get products with the highest precision, which are inspected and quality assured so that they can be directly fitted into your products.
We deliver according to concluded call-off agreements, orders or other requests.

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Subcontractor / OEM