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Reduce maintenance costs, increase reliability with wear parts and components of plastics

Many solutions may seem attractive at the time of investment but can soon become costly. Downtime, increased maintenance and shorter operating time can, especially during times when the capacity is a bottleneck, become more than a cost. Therefore, it may be wise to replace the original wear parts with material with high wear resistance that gives the best overall economy.

Plastic has many unique features. By replacing certain metal components in production lines and conveyors in timber and sawmill industries, the maintenance cost is reduced and operability is increased.

Carlsson & Möller has the material required and the skills to develop the adequate solutions. We know which type of plastic is the best to meet the demands and how the components are to be designed.

The benefits of engineering plastic in the Wood, Pulp and Paper Industries

  • High form stability, mechanical strength and wear resistance
  • Low friction – lubricant free
  • Resistant to both high and low temperatures (–200°C to +260°C)
  • Corrosion-free
  • Withstands UV exposure, steam, strong chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Smooth, pore-free surface – easy to keep clean
  • High form stability, mechanical strength and wear resistance

Guide blocks of plastic reduce vibration in the saw blades and keep them at the same time clean.

Slide rails for transport and transmission chains require no lubrication. We manufacture sliding rails with integrated chain carriers of steel.

Slide rails and fixtures of engineering plastics demand low maintenance and provide safe operations for a long time.

Components of engineering plastics, for example bearings in pulp and paper machines, are corrosion proof and chemical resistant.

Cooperation agreement with Sågtjänst AB

Carlsson & Möller has signed a cooperation agreement with Sågtjänst AB.

We are pleased to have entered into a collaboration with Sågtjänst AB, which with their more than 50 years of experience has helped sawmills in southern and central Sweden with cheaper purchasing of spare parts, supplies and services.

Welcome to us Sågtjänst AB – Together we create new opportunities!

Sågtjänst AB

Plastic components for the paper and pulp industry

For the paper and pulp industry, we offer a wide range of components customised for your specific requirements, such as speed, temperature, durability, mechanical properties.

Examples of products we offer the paper and pulp industry:

  • Foils
  • Suction box lid
  • Borders
  • Schaber
  • Diffusers
  • Coating beds
  • Gears / ring gears for drying cylinders
  • Sealing strips vacuum rollers incl. hose

Examples of materials suitable for the paper and pulp industry:

  • Polyethylene BEMALON® (UHMW-PE) sintered – lengths up to 10 meters without joint.
  • Polyamide NYLATRON® (PA) cast or extruded with various fillers.

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