Information material price adjustment

Dear customer!

Since the beginning of the year, our material suppliers have been confronted with drastic price increases from their raw material suppliers.

Similar reports in all technical plastics areas have already been announced on the market.

The price increase is a result of globally limited availability of raw material, which is based on, among other things, shutdowns and increased maintenance work on production facilities, force majeure, and significantly increased shipping prices and more.

We cannot affect the current situation and so far, we have been able to compensate for smaller and earlier price increases with internal adjustments and efficiencies.

However, we are seeing increasing bottlenecks in the raw material supply to our material suppliers and as a result, the price of semi-finished products such as sheets, tubes and rods will increase.

Due to the uncertain market situation, we are already informing you today about upcoming and, in some cases, significant price increases for materials, sheets, tubes and rods as well as adjustments to the material cost in our calculations of finished parts.

Thanks for your understanding!

We will continuously keep you updated.

Best regards
Helsingborg, day as above!

Jonas Stålhandske Palovaara
Marketing Manager

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