Our high-tech metal detectable plastic, or so-called MD plastic, can be magnetically identified in the process. MD plastic is detectable down to a particle size of only three millimeters and is intended for applications where you want to ensure that foreign materials do not enter the end product. These particular properties are advantageous to food companies and manufacturers of machines and process equipment, where there are high demands on product quality and product safety. This is especially important in the manufacturing of foods such as baby food.

Our metal detectable plastic consists of 3-way detectable polymer solutions, which means that they have blue color and are metal detectable as well as x-ray detectable. Our MD plastics are available in different materials for specific properties, these are: polyethylene plastic (PE), polyoxymethylene (POM), polyamide (PA) and polyetheretherketone (PEEK). The plastic is produced in plates and rods.

Metal detectable plastic and its benefits:

• Visually detectable (blue color)
• Metal detectable
• X-ray detectable
• Can be identified down to only three millimeters (3x3x3)
• Ensure that the process is not contaminated
• Enable you to meet high demands on product quality and product safety.

The use of plastic in the food industry comes with many benefits

Plastics in food applications offer a number of advantages over metal components. They have impact resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and low friction, to name a few. In addition, plastics can withstand strong chemicals, detergents and high temperatures, such as hot water and steam during disinfection and autoclaving. Therefore, plastic is increasingly used in the food industry and in applications with high hygiene requirements. An additional major advantage is that plastic components and machine elements can be made much lighter, which in turn contributes to an increased efficiency in process lines and equipment – thus lowering the energy consumption.