POM – A versatile plastic that’s easy to work with

Polyoxymethylene, POM (both homo- and copolymer), is perhaps better known as Delrin (POM-H) or Acetal (POM-C). It is often used in sliding bearings, fine mechanical parts and impellers. POM (Acetal) is a thermoplastic with excellent mechanical properties. Although it´s white in its natural form, the thermoplastic is available in several different colors. It’s effortless to work with as well, and is characterized as a hard dimensionally stable all-round material.

Acetal plastic POM possesses an excellent combination of stiffness, toughness, fatigue resistance and resilience properties. Hence, it is well suited for tough environments that require high quality details. Acetal plastic can be vacuum metalized, extracted, embossed, injection molded, electroplated, welded, cutting processed and blow molded. The plastic is similar to polyamide in several aspects, but differs by being slightly stiffer and harder. In addition, POM is more dimensionally stable as it comes with low water absorption qualities. This plastic is well suited for automatic turning and is recommended for precision parts with tight tolerances. Acetal plastic withstands an alkaline environment up to a pH of 14 and can be used at temperatures up to +105 ° C, depending on stabilization and service life requirements.

Refine your product with acetal plastic

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