Fiberglass-reinforced Epoxy (EP GC) belongs to the amorphous thermoplastic family and is a glass-fiber-reinforced material with epoxy resin.

Glass fiber reinforced epoxy (EP GC) consists of addition type, usually based on bisphenol A in combination with epichlorohydrin. Glass fiber reinforced epoxy (EP GC) is used with advantage in electronics, chemistry and instrument parts. In spallation and the nuclear industry, EP GCs are used as instrument components.

Fiberglass reinforced Epoxy (EP GC) has very high mechanical strength and durability. In chip-breaking processing, it should be taken into account that the material wears on the tools.

EP GC stands for Epoxy Glass Cloth and is available in several different qualities, EP GC 201, 202, 203, 204, 205. These qualities correspond to qualities such as G10, G1 FR4 etc.

Areas of use for epoxy resin:

  • Holder
  • Fixtures
  • Stock band
  • Instrument components
  • Insulation details
  • Contact holder

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