Phenoplastics (CF, cotton, PF, paper) belong to the family of amorphous thermoplastics which are based on phenol-formaldehyde. Phenolic plastic was the market’s first commercial plastic in 1909 and was given the trade name Bakelite after the discoverer Leo Baekeland (USA).

Phenolic plastic is offered in several different variants, both as cotton-reinforced PF CC in several different cotton weave densities or as paper-reinforced PF CP.

Phenolic plastic is suitable where dimensional stability and mechanical strength are required. The sawmill industry is a large industry within this material group.

We also offer Phenolic plastic with filled reinforcement such as graphite, PTFE, glass.

Phenolic plastics cannot be remelted as they are cross-linked and have very strong chain bonds, which is why Phenolic plastics, like all thermoplastics, cannot be recycled but must be handled as a landfill.

Areas of use for phenolic plastic:

  • Gear
  • Sprocket
  • Contacts
  • Rail
  • Blade control
  • Belt control
  • Bricks
  • Backing
  • Fixtures

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