Glass fiber reinforced polyester (UP GM) is a glass mat laminate based on polyester resin system, intended for mechanical and electrical applications. Glass fiber reinforced Polyester (UP GM) is included in the thermosets and offers excellent electrical insulation properties and a fire rating of UL94-VO.

We supply glass fiber reinforced Polyester (UP GM) UP GM 203/GPO-3 as plates and pipes.

Glass fiber reinforced Polyester (UP GM) 203 is red on the surface and pink in the core in standard design but is beige in natural form and has unlimited coloring possibilities. It is produced by cross-linking a polyester with styrene.

UP GM is an abbreviation for Unsaturated Polyester Glass Mat Laminated which means unsaturated Polyester glass fiber laminate.

Areas of use for ester plastic:

  • Insulation plates
  • Heating plates
  • Connectors
  • Electrical components
  • Bringer
  • Distances
  • Instrument details

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