Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) with the trade name Techtron HPV offers the broadest resistance to chemicals of any advanced engineering plastic. They have no known solvents below 200°C (392°F) and offer molecular tightness against steam, strong bases, fuels and acids. Minimal moisture absorption and a very low linear coefficient of thermal expansion.

PPS are ideal for precision tolerance machined components. In addition, PPS exhibits excellent electrical properties and is intrinsically flame retardant according to UL-94.

PPS Techtron® HPV exhibits excellent wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction. Unlike reinforced PPS products, Techtron® PPS is easy to machine to close tolerances. It is ideal for structural applications in corrosive environments or as a PEEK replacement at lower temperatures. Techtron® PPS is off-white in color.

Areas of use for phenylene sulphide plastic:

  • Buses
  • Stock
  • Pump details
  • High pressure details
  • Rolls
  • Wheel
  • Impellers

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