Polystyrene (PS) is available as an impact-resistant and cross-linked variant, and the cross-linked variant has very high dielectric properties and high resistance to radiation. Styrene plastic is part of amorphous plastics and is easy to process.

The material is stiff and it keeps its strength stable up until it becomes soft around the glass transition temperature. It is hard and sensitive to impact, which the addition of rubber counteracts compared to pure PS.

Rexolite® 1422 is a thermosetting crosslinked polystyrene copolymer. This material has a combination of good physical and excellent electrical properties including low losses and stable dielectric constant making this material suitable for microwave lenses as well as precision components.

Common trade names for PS are Q200.5 or Rexolite 1422

Areas of use for styrene plastic:

  • Lentils
  • Signs
  • Radio and Electronics components
  • Trays
  • Distances

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