Polyurethane (PUR) in the standard version is ether-based, but ester-based is also available to order. Polyurethane, PUR is a thermoplastic.

Ether-based PURs are hydrolysis-resistant and stable for outdoor use with good aging properties. Polyester types have good chemical resistance with less swelling and increased resistance to abrasion. Normally the color is yellowish brown but can vary greatly. The coloring possibilities are great.

PUR can be obtained in hardness from 50 Shore A up to 99 Shore A as standard. Also available in hardness according to the Shore D scale.

Polyurethane, PUR, consists of urethane groups (-NH COO-). The material can be filled with different substances such as glass, fiber and paint.

The polyurethane, PUR we offer are solid substances in the form of plates, tubes and rods.

We can offer other qualities, so contact us for more information.

Polyurethanes can be obtained in several different qualities

Polyurethanes are available as rubber, thermoplastics, thermoelastomers, thermosetting plastics, cellular plastics, fibers, foils, rocket fuels and as binders for paints, varnishes and glues. Depending on the structure, polyurethanes can be processed in different ways. They can be reaction molded with high or low pressure machines, injection molded, extruded, pressed and foamed using several methods.

Areas of use for urethane plastic:

  • Vibration details
  • Damper
  • Backing
  • Bringer
  • Springs
  • Bringer
  • Protection

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