Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is colorless and can be colored in unlimited variations. It is used for pipes, the chemical industry and vessels, for example. PVC requires some modifications when it is processed, as unlike other plastics it contains stabilizers, lubricants and additives. Vinyl chloride plastic has a transmittance of 76 – 82%.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most common types of plastic and belongs to the simplest and most useful plastics. We offer three different variants, rigid PVC called PVC-U (un-plasticized), soft PVC called PVC-P (plasticized) and PVC-C (post-chlorinated).

Hard and soft PVC have different properties. Some of the properties of hard PVC plastic are that it is chemical resistant, durable and has a long service life. Therefore, it is often used for products that must have a long durability.

PVC is an amorphous plastic and is the thermoplastic that offers the best adhesive bond.

Areas of use for vinyl chloride plastic:

  • Machine components
  • Pipe
  • Connections
  • Drain details
  • Holder
  • Fixtures
  • Stand

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