Application area: General industry

General facts

Phenol, cotton fabric reinforced

Shortening: PF CC

Structural formula: Networks produced by condensation of phenol and formaldehyde.

Color: Brown or deep red (phenol)

Coloring options: Limited to dark colors.

Common uses: PF CC 201 standard material for mechanical applications such as pump parts, handles, plain bearings, rollers, coil frames, electrical insulators, dampers, electrical industrial parts. PF CC is suitable as granules for compression molding, extrusion and injection molding and can be machined into semi-finished products.


  • Rigid material with good all-round properties.
  • High dimensional stability when loaded over a wide area
    temperature range.
  • Chemical resistance to common solvents, weak acids and most detergents.
  • Used for moldings practically always with fillers or reinforcing agents of very different kinds from wood flour to glass fabric.


  • Staining only with dark colors.
  • Affected by strong oxidizing acids and bases.
  • Tendency to bridge at high electrical voltages.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use. Absorbs moisture in small amounts.