Application area: General industry

General facts


Shortening: PAI

Color: Ocher yellow

Common uses: Filled with lubricant, it is used for bearing holders, bearings, bushings, valves, etc. PAI 4301, PAI + Graphite + PTFE (black) is used for rotating parts. PAI 4203 is used for precision parts in high-tech equipment.


The benefits of Torlon 4203

  • Withstands high temperatures (+ 260ºC).
  • Only 4% of the tensile stress is lost after 2000h at + 200ºC.
  • UL index 220ºC.
  • Extremely low friction and abrasion in grades filled with
  • PTFE or graphite.
  • Extremely low thermal expansion.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Mechanical strength values are stably high throughout the temperature range.
  • Extremely dimensionally stable.
  • Extremely UV resistant.
  • Extremely resistant to gamma and X-rays.
  • Highest flammability class (UL94-V0).


Limitations of Torlon PAI 4203

  • Extremely difficult to inject moldings.
  • Attacked by hot alkalis and acids.
  • Some moisture absorption.
  • Not food approved.

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Material data sheet PAI 4203

Torlon 4203 PAI – specific properties

Torlon 4203 has the best toughness and impact strength of all Torlon PAI grades because of its:

  • intrinsic high-temperature resistance
  • high dimensional stability
  • good machinability.

This PAI plastic is usually used for its electrical insulating ability and its ability to provide numerous possibilities in the field of electrical components. PAI 4203 is therefore used in such things as:

  • precision parts in high-tech equipment
  • bearing holders
  • bearings
  • bushings
  • valves.