Application area: Magnetically detectable General industry Food industry

General facts

Polyamide, metal detectable

Shortening: PA

Color: Blue

Coloring options: Extensive

Common uses: Sliding parts, list, bearings, gears and screws.


The benefits of Nylatron MD FG properties

  • High wear and fatigue resistance.
  • Lower moisture absorption than standard PA 6.
  • Metal and visual detection by blue color.
  • Detection by x-ray is possible.
  • Food Grade (FG) approved for food applications


Limitations of Nylatron MD FG plastic

  • All polyamides absorb or emit moisture (different for different types).
  • The moisture acts as a plasticizer and lowers the tensile strength, creep resistance, and rigidity while increasing the impact strength and component dimensions.
  • The electrical properties are strongly influenced by the moisture content.
  • The length extension varies with temperature and moisture content.
  • The polyamides are attacked by strong mineral acids and acetic acid; they are dissolved by phenols. Some types are attacked by formic acid.

Nylatron MD FG plastic – Specific properties

Nylatron MD FG contains a metal detectable additive that has been specifically tailored for use in the food processing and packaging industries. It can easily be traced by the conventional metal detection systems installed to detect contamination of the food – results may vary depending on the sensitivity of the metal detection system used.