Application area: General industry

General facts

Polyamide, oil-filled

Shortening: PA

Color: Green

Coloring options: Extensive

Common uses: Wear pads, support rails, sheaves, rollers, guide plates, bearings, spacers, pulleys, brake blocks, conveyor rail, pipe clamps, gears, bushes, wear strips and bespoke components.


The benefits of oil-filled plastics

  • Improved PV characteristics.
  • Improved coefficient of friction and stick/slip characteristics.
  • Consistent wear performance throughout product life.
  • Reduced water absorption.
  • Excellent wear, abrasion, mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties.
  • Good dimensional stability.


Limitations of the Oilon material

  • All polyamides absorb or emit moisture (different for different types).
  • The moisture acts as a plasticizer and lowers the tensile strength, creep resistance, and rigidity while increasing the impact strength and component dimensions.
  • The electrical properties are strongly influenced by the moisture content.
  • The length extension varies with temperature and moisture content.
  • The polyamides are attacked by strong mineral acids and acetic acid; they are dissolved by phenols. Some types are attacked by formic acid.

Oilon plastic – Specific properties

Oilon® plastic also referred to as oil-filled nylon, is homogeneously permeated with an oil-based lubricant. It is a PA 6G material with microscopically small oil droplets embedded and bound in the material. The lubricating effect remains on the surface even after machining and wear. Oilon is thus a superb material for bearings and bushings. This material has been developed specifically for unlubricated, highly loaded, and slowly moving parts applications.