Application area: General industry

General facts


Shortening: PA

Color: Brown

Coloring options: Extensive

Common uses: Structural applications, clamps, bearings, gears, screws, tool shafts and rolls.


The benefits of Polyamide 4.6 plastic

  • High-temperature resistance than other PA materials.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Excellent fatigue properties and low creep.
  • High water absorption


Limitations of Polyamide 4.6 plastic

  • PA 4.6’s moisture absorption is higher than those of standard polyamides 6 and 6.6 due to the more polar backbone.
  • The material is more sensitive to stress cracking due to the higher crystallinity.

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Material data sheet PA 4.6

Polyamide 4.6 plastic – Specific properties

Polyamide 4.6, frequently referred to as PA 4,6, is a semi-crystalline aliphatic polyamide with a very high melting point and crystallinity (70%).

Nylatron® 4.6
A polyamide for use at elevated temperature (+ 145ºC continuously in air).