Application area: General industry

General facts


Shortening: PA

Color: White (yellowish)

Coloring options: Extensive

Common uses: Structural applications, bearings, gears, screws, propellers, tool shafts, rifle butts, blocks, hoists and rolls.


The benefits of Polyamide 6G plastic

  • Highly resistant to hydrocarbons, alkalis, fats, oils, fuels, ethers, esters, and ketones.
  • Good abrasion-related properties.
  • Good resistance to wear.
  • High rigidity and hardness.
  • Good dimensional accuracy.


Limitations of Polyamide 6G plastic

  • Not resistant to halogens, mineral acids, and certain organic acids, oxidizing agents.
  • Absorbs water easily.
  • Poor light resistance.
  • Injection molding technology requirements are strict.

Polyamide 6G plastic – Specific properties

The PA6G is a high-quality and wear-resistant engineering plastic material with a general-purpose. The casting process allows for a production of larger material sections virtually free from residual stress. It can also be cast into shapes that reduce material waste and machining time.