Application area: General industry Life-science/MedTech Food industry

General facts


Shortening: PC

Color: Clear, colorless

Coloring options: Unlimited

Common uses: Impellers, safety helmets, glass, safety glass, high-current luminaires, contact lenses, etc.


  • Extremely high impact resistance, even at low temperatures.
  • Dimensionally stable material.
  • Excellent dielectric properties.
  • Good creep resistance in dry air.
  • Can be reinforced (eg with fiberglass).
  • Resistant to weak acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, paraffin, alcohols (without methanol), animal and vegetable oils and fats.
  • Good outdoor durability.
  • Transparent.


  • Cannot be used continuously in hot water above + 60 ° C.
  • Poor rope resistance (different).
  • Attacked by oxidizing acids, bases, ammonia, methanol, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • Sensitive to fracture indications and microcracking.
  • Difficult to inject, e.g. a it must be kept dry.
  • If moist material is injection molded, the part becomes very brittle.