Application area: General industry

General facts

Ester, fiberglass reinforced

Shortening: UP

Structural formula: Thermosets made by crosslinking a polyester with styrene. The polyester is normally prepared by condensation of a glycol, naphthalic acid and an unsaturated acid, e.g. maleic acid.

Color: Several

Coloring options: Extensive, unlimited

Common uses: UP GM 203 is mainly suitable as an insulating high voltage material. Furthermore, UP GM is used for the manufacture of boats, oil and water tanks, water and sewer pipes, fittings, electrical insulation materials, boat masts, swimming pools, varnishes, binders, etc.


  • Rigid material with tensile strength comparable to some metals.
  • Cheaper processing equipment than for phenolic plastics.
  • Available in a variety of qualities from soft and resilient to hard and brittle, water sensitive to chemical and weather resistant.
  • Can be processed both with and without both heat and pressure (can be cast).
  • Products can be made bright yellow, shiny or matte as desired.
  • Can be used with very high content of filler with or without directional tensile strength. Good weather resistance.
  • Low shrinkage qualities are available with very good dimensional and surface properties.
  • Very good electrical insulation properties.
  • Low Price.


  • High-strength laminates (70% fiberglass content) have lower chemical resistance.
  • Slight yellow tint in sunlight.