Application area: General industry Life-science/MedTech

General facts


Shortening: PES

Color: Transparent brow-yellow

Common uses: Pumphousing, Valve piston, electrical Insulation parts, Membrane


  • Very good electrical insulation.
  • Hydrolytic resistance.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Microwave resistant.
  • High temperature resistance (UL index 180 ºC, service life 20 years).
  • Impact toughness down to -175 ºC.
  • Transparent.
  • High creep resistance.
  • Radiation resistant (X-ray, beta and gamma radiation)


  • Do not tolerate ketones, esters, chlorinated hydrocarbons and polar aromatic solvents.
  • Does not withstand UV light (can be painted black for outdoor use).
  • Very sensitive to instructions.
  • High mold temperature (150 ºC).
  • Heat treatment of the finished part is often required (8 h, 200 ºC).

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