Application area: General industry Life-science/MedTech Food industry

General facts


Shortening: PEEK

Color: natural / gray-brown and black

Common uses: Medical implants, surgical instruments, pharmaceutical packaging, automotive components, aerospace components, semiconductor manufacturing components, food processing equipment, chemical and petrochemical applications.


The benefits of PEEK 1000 plastic

  • Exceptional wear and sliding properties, making it ideal for high-performance components.
  • Exceptional thermal stability, able to withstand continuous temperatures of up to 250°C in air.
  • Superior resistance to hot water vapor, ensuring its integrity in demanding environments.
  • Low flammability rating of UL94 V-0, minimizing fire hazards.
  • Minimal smoke and toxic gas emissions, making it an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and fatigue strength, ensuring long-lasting performance under harsh conditions.
  • Hydrolysis resistance, expanding its range of applications.
  • Radiation resistance and relatively low melt viscosity, making it a versatile material with diverse potential.
  • Flame retardant properties, providing an additional layer of protection against fire hazards.


Limitations of PEEK 1000

  • Relatively expensive compared to other engineering plastics.
  • High form creep.
  • Not resistant to sulfuric acid.
  • Not as strong as some other materials, such as titanium.
  • Not as easy to process as some other materials, such as polylactic acid (PLA).

Specific properties

PEEK 1000 / PEEK 1000 FG

This material is made of pure PEEK raw material thus without additives and shows the greatest toughness and impact resistance of all PEEK materials. The sterilizability is excellent whether you use hot steam, dry air, ethylene oxide, or gamma rays. Certain specific batches of the raw material used in the manufacture of semi-finished products are approved for contact with food according to EU10 / 2011 (PEEK FG).