Application area: Life-science/MedTech

General facts


Shortening: PEEK

Color: White

Common uses: Applications where great demands are placed on dimensional stability, fatigue strength, strength and low risk of fire at elevated temperature.


The benefits of PEEK Classix plastic

  • The material is known for its outstanding wear and sliding properties.
  • It can operate continuously in air at temperatures of up to 250°C.
  • The material is also very resistant to hot water vapor.
  • It has a low flammability rating of UL94 V-0.
  • The material emits minimal smoke and toxic gases.
  • The material has excellent chemical resistance and fatigue strength.
  • It is hydrolysis resistant.
  • The material is radiation-resistant and has a relatively low melt viscosity.
  • It is also flame retardant.


Limitations of PEEK Classix

  • PEEK Classix can be relatively expensive compared to other engineering plastics.
  • High form creep.
  • Not resistant to sulfuric acid.
  • Not biodegradable.
  • May not be suitable for prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, as it can degrade over time.
  • Similar to other PEEK grades, Classix may have restricted color choices, impacting aesthetic flexibility.

Specific properties

PEEK Classix is a variant of polyetheretherketone well-suited for applications requiring exceptional dimensional stability, fatigue strength, overall strength, and a low risk of fire, particularly at elevated temperatures. This material is chosen for its ability to withstand demanding conditions, making it suitable for various industrial applications where maintaining structural integrity, enduring repetitive stress, and ensuring fire safety are critical considerations.

PEEK Classix stands out in environments where these properties are essential, making it a reliable choice for industries that prioritize robust and reliable performance under challenging conditions. More specific areas of use include

  • Aerospace components.
  • Automotive engineering.
  • Oil and gas exploration.
  • Medical devices.
  • Electronics manufacturing.

The material is intended for contact with human tissue for extended periods. Request certificate.