General facts


Shortening: PEEK

Color: Black

Common uses: Aircrafts, energy production, automotive industry and machine industry


The benefits of PEEK HPV plastic

  • Renowned for exceptional wear and sliding properties, ideal for demanding applications.
  • Remarkable thermal stability, capable of continuous operation at temperatures up to 250°C in air.
  • Superior resistance to hot water vapor, maintaining integrity in challenging environments.
  • Low flammability rating of UL94 V-0, enhancing safety and minimizing fire risks
  • Environmentally friendly choice, emitting minimal smoke and toxic gasses.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and fatigue strength, ensuring long-lasting performance under harsh conditions.
  • Hydrolysis resistance, broadening the range of potential applications.
  • Radiation resistance and relatively low melt viscosity, making it a versatile material with diverse applications.
  • Flame retardant properties, providing an extra layer of protection against fire hazards.


Limitations of PEEK HPV

  • PEEK HPV can be relatively expensive compared to other engineering plastics.
  • High form creep.
  • Chemically unstable to some solvents and chemicals, which may limit its use in some applications.
  • Not resistant to sulfuric acid.
  • PEEK HPV has a low thermal conductivity, which can lead to heat build-up in high temperature applications.

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Material data sheet PEEK HPV

Specific properties

PEEK HPV is a type of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) reinforced with carbon fiber, graphite, and PTFE lubricant. This gives the material a range of beneficial properties for use in bearings and other tribological applications.

The latest quality is PEEK HPV material which offers outstanding bearing performance. PEEK can be used in hot water or steam without permanent loss of physical properties. For extreme environments, PEEK is a high-strength alternative to fluoropolymers.