Application area: Magnetically detectable General industry Food industry

General facts

Polyetheretherketone, metal detectable

Shortening: PEEK

Color: Blue

Common uses: Applications where great demands are placed on dimensional stability, fatigue strength, strength and low risk of fire at elevated temperature.


The benefits of PEEK MD FG plastic

  • Excellent wear and sliding properties.
  • Very high operating temperature (+ 250ºC continuously in air).
  • Very high resistance to hot water vapor.
  • Low flammability (UL94 V-0).
  • Low evolution of smoke and toxic gases.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and fatigue strength.
  • Hydrolysis resistant.
  • Withstands radiation. The melt viscosity is relatively low.
  • Flame resistant.


Limitations of PEEK MD FG

  • High cost.
  • High form creep.
  • Not resistant to sulfuric acid.
  • Prone to wear down.
  • Sensitive to heat.
  • Can be difficult to work with during production.

Specific features

The plastic PEEK MD FG is a specialized variant of polyetheretherketone designed for applications demanding exceptional dimensional stability, fatigue strength, overall strength, and a low risk of fire, particularly at elevated temperatures. This material is tailored to meet stringent requirements in medical and food-related settings where maintaining structural integrity, withstanding repeated stress, and ensuring fire safety are critical considerations.

PEEK MD FG offers a reliable solution for environments where these properties are essential, making it a preferred choice for a range of applications in both medical and food industries. More specific areas of use include

  • Medical implants.
  • Surgical instruments.
  • Food processing equipment.
  • Dental devices.
    Aerospace components.