Application area: General industry Life-science/MedTech

General facts


Shortening: PEEK

Color: natural / gray-brown

Common uses: Mechanical engineering, medical technology, electronics, defense, aviation and aerospace


The benefits of PEEK GF30 plastic

  • Excellent wear and sliding properties.
  • Very high operating temperature (+ 250ºC continuously in air).
  • Very high resistance to hot water vapor.
  • Low flammability (UL94 V-0).
  • Low evolution of smoke and toxic gases.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and fatigue strength.
  • Hydrolysis resistant.
  • Withstands radiation. The melt viscosity is relatively low.
  • Inherently flame retardant and has a UL 94 V-0 rating, meaning that it will self extinguish when ignited.


Limitations of PEEK GF30

  • PEEK GF30 is a relatively expensive material compared to other thermoplastics.
  • Challenging to process than some other thermoplastic.
  • PEEK GF30 is susceptible to hydrolysis, which is the breakdown of the polymer chain by water molecules.
  • Somewhat notch sensitive, meaning that it can be prone to cracking if subjected to sharp stress concentrations.
  • While PEEK GF30 is considered biocompatible for some medical applications, it is not universally suitable for all implants or devices.

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Material data sheet PEEK+GF30

Specific properties

This quality has been reinforced with 30% fiberglass, which makes it stiffer and with very low shrinkage. It is thus ideal for structural parts that must maintain their strength under high temperatures. PEEK GF30 is also available in Life Science Grade: LSG.