Application area: Magnetically detectable General industry Food industry

General facts

Polyoxymethylene metal detectable

Shortening: POM

Color: Blue

Coloring options: Almost unlimited

Common uses: Impellers, plain bearings, fine mechanical details, etc.


  • Excellent combination of toughness, stiffness, fatigue strength and creep resistance (spring material).
  • Good moisture and chemical resistance.
  • Useful in a wide temperature range.
  • Resistant to thermal and oxidative degradation.
  • Good resistance to stress relaxation.
  • Good friction and wear properties.
  • Low gas and vapor permeability.
  • Tight tolerances and good dimensional stability of finished details.
  • Qualities with different fillers and additives are available to suit different purposes.


  • Attacked by strong mineral acids (pH below 4).
  • Degraded by UV radiation in unpigmented condition.
  • Approved for contact with food.
  • Hard to glue with yourself or other materials.
  • Should not be used in electrical applications above + 70 ° C.
  • Elongation should not exceed 2-4%.
  • High combustion rate, dangerous gas is formed.
  • Sensitive to criminal instructions. Homopolymer should not be used in alkaline environments (pH above 9).

Specific properties of POM-C MD FG plastic

POM-C MD FG – MD is an abbreviation for Metal Detectable – detectable by metal detector, and FG corresponds to Food Grade – food approved. To prevent migration of plastic from e.g. production to finished product, POM-C MD FG contains an additive that allows migrated parts larger than 3 mm to be detected by a metal detector. POM-C MD FG plastic has many of the same great qualities that the regular POM-C offers.

By adding special additives to plastics, these are susceptible to metal detectors and magnetic separators. Good balance between stiffness and impact strength in applications where higher dimensional stability is required. Detection with magnet or X-ray. Continuous operating temperature up to + 105 ° C.