Application area: General industry Food industry

General facts

Polyphenylene sulfide

Shortening: PPS

Color: Deep blue

Common uses: Techtron® HPV is used where PA, POM, PET, PEI and PSU can not be used and when plastics such as PBI, PI, PEEK and PAI are too expensive and too good. Techtron® HPV contains an evenly distributed lubricant, which provides low friction. Materials are also available in food quality, Techtron® FG, approved according to EU 10/2011.


  • Very high allowable working temperature in air (from + 220ºC continuously to + 260ºC for short periods).
  • High mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance.
  • Excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance.
  • Excellent wear and friction properties.
  • Very dimensionally stable.
  • Excellent resistance to high energy radiation (gamma and X-rays).
  • Good UV resistance.
  • Low flash point.
  • Good electrical insulation and good dielectric properties.
  • Also available in food quality, approved according to EU 10/2011.


  • Low impact strength.
  • Slowly attacked by strong oxidizing acids.
  • Requires high machining and molding temperatures.