Product catalog

Carlsson & Möller is a leading supplier of construction plastics covering a wide range of applications and industries. This catalog contains our main stock range of plates, tubes and rods.

The materials are classified and approved according to current international regulations

On request, we can deliver the materials with valid control certificates (SS-EN 10204), which include identity, quality and testing certificates for full traceability at all stages.

The materials are manufactured according to GMP guidelines

Materials and products intended to come into contact with food are manufactured in accordance with EC Regulation 2023/2006 (Good Manufacturing Practice) regarding safe environment and clean handling. Traceability requirements are also ensured through labeling and documentation.

Streamline with cut-to-size and semi-finished products

Material can be cut to size as desired for an additional charge. In this way, waste and costs for transport, handling and storage are reduced. We also supply semi-finished and processed material which includes cutting, milling, grinding, planing, drilling and stress relief hardening.

Produkt cataloge (swedish)