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Engineering plastics create new opportunities

Carlsson & Möller konstruktionsplaster kan ge dina produkter helt nya egenskaper och möjligheter.

Carlsson & Möller engineering plastics can give your products new features and capabilities. Products can be made smaller, lighter, more durable, flexible and heat resistant.

One example is the MD plastic which makes it possible to magnetically capture any loose particles from machine elements in a process line.

Another example is the ATEX approved antistatic plastic, which prevents static electricity to build-up causing an explosion when handling organic and synthetic materials.

Carlsson & Möller helps you all the way from idea to finished product

Carlsson & Möller has extensive experience in helping companies to develop and improve their products. More and more companies, especially in the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, energy / environment and process industries use our know-how and resources. We provide support in all the stages from design to finished components.

Polymer Plastic Performance

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Lose weight with Carlsson & Möller

Lightweight construction means lower energy consumption and reduced environmental impact. Engineering plastics is the solution since components of these materials can be made up to 80-85 per cent lighter than the components of metal.


Lower machine weight results
in lower surface pressure
Lower machine weight results in lower surface pressure
Wire's life is increased
while the weight decreases
Wire's life is increased while the weight decreases


More examples of lightweight structures

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Lightweight Structures