Wholesale and semi-finished products

Carlsson & Möller is one of the premier suppliers of sheets, tubes and rods of thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and advanced engineered plastics from world leading manufacturers. The range also includes certified material for medical and biotechnological applications as well as for food grade areas.

You buying our products and your customers can have complete trust in the materials we supply. This is especially important when it comes to products for the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications.

Likewise, traceability at all stages is important for product safety – especially if your products are exported to different, foreign

Therefore, we supply our materials with inspection certificate (EN 10204), which includes identification certificate, quality certificate and test certificate for complete traceability at all stages.

Processing of construction plastics

Processing of construction plastic requires special handling.

Carlsson & Möller’s machinery is fully adapted for processing of polymer materials. Because we only process plastics this means that we have a pure production without any risks of contamination from other materials.

Flexibility in our production means that we can produce very economically both short and long series as well as individual prototypes.

When manufacturing prototypes, we have the ability to work directly with the final material, creating virtually any curves and shapes. Our manufacturing and processing is carried out according to GMP’s guidelines (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice).

To ensure accuracy and quality we measure, verify and document all the critical parts and components.

We deliver products with the highest precision, which are inspected and quality assured, to be directly installed in your products. We deliver according to call-off agreements, orders or other requests.

Material & application know how

Knowledge, competence and experience that makes a difference!

When you hire us at AB Carlsson & Möller, you can be sure to receive high quality, the right technical support and high level service. During our many years in the industry (having started as early as 1948), we have helped customers in a wide range of industries to acquire and adopt solutions that have brought enrichment with new or improved properties to their products and thus new opportunities.

Just as our expertise is constantly improved, we make significant investments in new machines and production methods yearly. Which ensures our ability to be a partner with capacity and resources.

Altogether, we have become known as the market’s most reliable supplier of customised technical plastic parts and solutions. In the product area “processed plastic parts”, we are considered a market leader in Sweden.

We want to and we know how to deliver, which we always do!