The right resources for effective production of polymeric material

Carlsson & Möller’s machinery is fully adapted for processing polymeric material.

Since we only process plastic materials, this ensures a clean production without contamination risks between different materials.

We have the capacity to process materials up to 4.0 x 1.0 meters and our equipment includes 5-axis multi-operation machines for advanced simultaneous machining.

The flexibility of our production means that we can produce both short and long series as well as individual prototypes in a very economical way. When manufacturing prototypes in polymeric materials, we can machine directly using the selected material to make virtually any curvature and shape imaginable.

Lean Production for the best overall economy

Carlsson & Möller’s ongoing “Lean Production” project ensures an excellent overall economy. The principle is that all factors in the production process which do not create value for our customers, are removed.

Assembly and components in polymeric materials

Carlsson & Möller can also be in charge of the assembly of various details and components in polymeric materials, and deliver ready-made products for final assembly.

Measurement, verification, documentation

To ensure accuracy and quality we measure, verify and document all the critical measurements of details and components. You get products with the highest precision, that have been inspected and quality-controlled in order to be directly fitted into your end-products. We deliver according to call-off agreements, orders or other requests.

Carlsson & Möller offers:

  • Modern equipment that is adapted for processing of polymeric materials
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Traditional blueprints or electronic drawings
  • Verification/quality assurance of products through measurements of critical dimensions with initial samples and pilot runs
  • Measurement protocols and certificates
  • Subcontractor collaboration

Your comprehensive partner in the supply chain

When it comes to the manufacturing of polymeric material for OEM customers, we cooperate at an early stage in terms of material selection, design solutions and production technology. Together, we find the best and most cost-effective solutions that create an uninterrupted flow of added value for all parties.