Together we will develop new opportunities

Carlsson & Möller – Sweden’s leading company within construction plastic and polymer materials

Carlsson & Möller is one of Sweden’s leading companies within construction plastic and polymer materials. We have over 60 years’ experience of materials and applications from a wide range of assignments. That makes us a reliable partner who can help you with materials selection, construction, manufacturing, etc.

By taking functionality as our starting point rather than strictly technical demands, we can contribute to the development of products with completely new properties. For example, a change in one small part can lead to a shorter cycle for the machine in which the part is used. By replacing metal parts with plastic ones you can reduce maintenance costs and improve operational reliability. In this way we can help our customers to strengthen their own market positions. But this does not make us blind to the use of other materials, such as ceramics, when they are the better option.

Carlsson & Möller offers:

  • Extensive experience of applications for the process industry, car industry, materials handling and automation industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, heavy industry, etc.
  • Assistance in material selection
  • Development and production of prototypes
  • Verification of drawings prior to production
  • Development of OEM projects