Carlsson & Möller works together with our owner Indutrade towards the UN’s Global Compact initiative to ensure sustainable development. Together with other companies in the group, we take responsibility and work for human rights, have good working conditions both physically and psychosocially, counteract corruption and carry out sustainable work for a cleaner environment that the majority of future generations can benefit from.

It is important to us that we work together with our business partners and other stakeholders for committed and developing sustainability work where we take common responsibility for global development.

We work comprehensively with goals within People, Environment and Profitable growth.

1. Employees – 100% committed employees
2. Environment – CO2 reduction
3. Profitable Growth – Sustainable and profitable growth


The goals are in accordance with the UN initiative Global Compact. We report data annually to our owner, who compiles a sustainability report at group level.

Read more about Indutrade’s commitment to sustainability work here: Sustainability


For us, the employees are our most valuable asset. Well-being, competence, commitment and development are a prerequisite for high quality. Our workplace must promote personal commitment, health, safety and be a socially safe place to work.

  • Committed employees. We must take advantage of our employees’ commitment and work towards a common goal.
  • Leadership and competence development. Our leadership must be driving, supportive and engaging. Constant skills development for employees strengthens our organization.
  • Diversity and inclusion. All employees must be respected and treated equally.
  • Employee safety. Our workplace must be safe and secure, where the safety of our employees is the highest priority.
  • Employee wellbeing. Our work environment must be pleasant and inviting where all employees respect each other.


Through a healthy approach to our environmental impact and systematic work, we contribute to sustainable environmental work. The environment is directly affected by all the choices we make, our buying and selling behavior, transport, manufacturing methods, consumption of chemicals, natural resources and our waste.

  • Improved energy efficiency. We work actively to reduce our energy consumption and recover excess heat from our machines.
  • Share of renewable energy. We only buy electricity from renewable sources. We have our own solar cell plant of 56kw, which generates part of our energy needs.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions. We must reduce our total footprint and environmental impact, also linked to our transport.
  • Resource efficient business travel. The majority of own company cars are of the environmental car type, which contributes to reduced CO2 emissions in relation to business trips.
  • Recycling. Our waste is sorted at source and we recycle selected types of plastic that can be reprocessed into new material. Other residual material goes to incineration, which, among other things, creates district heating and energy.
  • Environmental certification. We are environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 and have relevant environmental goals directly linked to our environmental aspects.

Sustainable, profitable growth

Through efficient use of resources, innovation, continuous development and improvements in our processes, we work long-term for sustainable growth. These initiatives help us to secure good long-term development and ensure reduced environmental impact in relation to turnover.

  • Work improvement. We work with Lean Production (2009) for continuous improvement that contributes to the sustainable development of the business. Every single employee works in an organized manner with improvements that contribute to a strong result.
  • Productivity. Optimized, competitive production creates good conditions for efficient use of resources.
  • Customers, business partners. Customized solutions enable conditions for our customers’ operations and reduce the environmental impact.
  • Satisfied customers. We are responsive and collaborate to meet our customers’ wishes and expectations.

Code of conduct

We work according to the same Code of Conduct as our owner Indutrade. The code is the policy for our sustainable business and is a guide for us as a company and our employees.

Read more about our and Indutrade’s code of conduct here: Code of Conduct