Our environmental policy

We are to protect nature and preserve it by leaving an imprint that is as limited as possible. The life cycle perspective is central to our operations, which means that we must understand and regulate the environmental impact of a product and its development before, during, and after its total service life. The environment is directly affected by all the choices we make, our buying and selling behavior, transportation, manufacturing methods, consumption of chemicals, natural resources and our waste.

Our work with sustainability issues

Carlsson & Möller work together with our owner Indutrade towards the UN’s Global Compact initiative according to ten different principles, in order to ensure a sustainable development. Together with other companies in the business group, we take complete responsibility for enabling human rights, good physical and psychosocial working conditions, a clean environment, as well as a focus on counteracting corruption.

For us at Carlsson & Möller, the employees are our most valuable asset. Their well-being and competence are a prerequisite for achieving high quality, innovation and cooperation with our business partners.

Health and safety as well as a safe workplace for our staff are very important. We work to have the best conditions in our physical work environment, and for us it is evident that the social work environment should be the best for our employees.

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Code of conduct

We work according to Indutrade’s code of conduct.

Indutrade Code of Conduct

LEAN production – a part of a sustainable development

Since 2009, we have implemented Lean Production for continuous improvements, which contribute to the sustainable development of the business. Each individual employee works in an organised manner with improvements that contribute to a strong result.

LEAN Production

Our environmental goals

Carlsson & Möller are environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 and carry relevant environmental goals that are directly linked to our environmental aspects. These goals address:

Electricity consumption
We only buy electricity from renewable sources (hydropower). We have our own solar cell plant of 56kw, which generates part of our energy needs per year.

Heat consumption
We recycle some excess heat from our machines.

CO² impact
We intend to reduce our total amount of CO² linked to our transports and business trips. Our own company cars will consist of green car models in the coming purchase period.

Waste recycling, water, paper and chemical consumption
We recycle selected types of plastic that can be reworked into new material. Other residual waste is incinerated, which, among other things, creates district heating. We reduce our paper use by digitizing our documents.

Through a healthy approach to our environmental impact and systematic work, we contribute to sustainable environmental efforts that future generations can enjoy.