Defence / Aerospace

During the late 1900s and now continuing in this century plastic components and products of various plastic materials have enabled significant advances in civil aviation, and in space and military technology.

Plastic weighs less than aluminium

In the aerospace industry, where the aim is to minimize weight, reduce energy consumption and maximize speed, every gram counts when designing an airplane. Engineering Plastics weigh about 20 to 65 percent less than for example aluminium. Components of engineering plastic are also cheap to manufacture, resistant to wear, and require less maintenance than other heavier materials of metal.

Carlsson & Möller with a broad expertise in engineering plastics is a given partner and supplier to companies within the aerospace and defence sector.

Carlsson & Möller, certified ISP supplier to the defence industry

The Swedish Inspectorate for Strategic Products (ISP) is a government agency with assignments in Swedish foreign and security policy.

The authority is the licensing and supervisory authority for war materials and dual-use products as well as the national authority for the Chemical Weapons Convention. Carlsson & Möller meets the requirements put on suppliers of components in the defense industry.


The Swedish Inspectorate for Strategic Products

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